About IB Diploma Program Courses

Students study six subjects selected from the subject groups. Normally three subjects are studied at higher level, and the remaining three subjects are studied at standard level.

Students also have the opportunity to go "part time" where they take IB English, IB Math, and at least one other IB course.

IB Diploma Program Courses Offered at Kennedy

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Group 1: Studies in Language and Literature
English A: Literature HL

Group 2: Language Acquisition
French B SL
Spanish B SL
Spanish B HL

Group 3: Individuals and Societies
History of Americas HL
Psychology SL
Psychology HL

Group 4: Experimental Sciences
Biology SL
Biology HL

Chemistry SL

Group 5: Mathematics and Computer Science
Mathematical Studies SL
Mathematics SL

Group 6: The Arts
Visual Arts SL
Visual Arts HL

Film SL
Film HL

Theory of Knowledge