Margaret Mumby (juniors)
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B.A. in History
Minor in polical science
MA. in Global Studies

Dana Sandstedt (seniors)

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B.A. in Recreation WSC
B.A. in History WSC
M.A. in Education Grand Canyon Univ.

History of the Americas HL

"History is more than the study of the past. It is the process of recording, reconstructing and interpreting the past through the investigation of a variety of sources. It is a discipline that gives people an understanding of themselves and others in relation to the world, both past and present.

The Diploma Programme history course aims to promote an understanding of history as a discipline, including the nature and diversity of its sources, methods and interpretations. It also helps students to gain a better understanding of the present through critical reflection upon the past. It is hoped that many students who follow the course will become fascinated with the discipline, developing a lasting interest in it whether or not they continue to study it formally.

This history course focuses on 20th century world history. It provides both structure and flexibility, fostering an understanding of major historical events in a global context. It requires students to make comparisons between similar and dissimilar solutions to common human situations, whether they be political, economic or social. It invites comparisons between, but not judgments of, different cultures, political systems and national traditions.

Subjects Studied:

-The Arab–Israeli conflict 1945–79

-The Cold War

-Origins and development of authoritarian and single-party states

-Aspects of the history of the Americas"

-IB History Subject Guide