Parent Commitment

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme requires a commitment on the part of the parent.

Philosophical Belief:
The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program is a demanding pre-university course of study. It provides highly motivated and academically accomplished students the intellectual and critical perspectives to succeed in a challenging college environment. It encourages students to see human issues from global perspectives, to value civic involvement, and pursue truth and knowledge in all areas of human endeavor.

Work Ethic:
The intensive level of course work required of an IB Diploma student is extremely challenging and completely prepares them for the rigors of collegiate studies. It is critical an IB Diploma student is provided time and space at home to work on class assignments and projects. It is important that an IB Diploma student is given the needed help to maintain a focus on long and short term goals. Helping an IB student monitor his/her time management is essential if the student wants to be successful.

Parent communication is critical. Periodic meetings will be scheduled and it is important that both the parents/guardians and students attend these meetings. An IB Diploma student must understand that part of this programme involves developing self-advocacy skills. An IB Diploma student must learn to advocate with teachers for his or her own academic and personal needs.

Creativity, Action, Service:
As a part of the IB Diploma requirements, IB Diploma students must complete 150 hours of CAS (Creativity, Action, Service) between the end of the sophomore year and prior to the second semester of the senior year, and should have all activities pre-approved by the CAS coordinator, Michael Ross. Since CAS hours must be completed beyond the regular school day, it becomes the parents’ and students’ responsibility to schedule events and transportation to and from events.

The IB program involves a financial commitment. An examination is given in every IB Diploma course and the student is required to take and pay for these examinations. The IB student may accrue additional nominal costs.