Averie Floyd

IB sure made it easy to whip out a long paper.

It was also nice to get a lot of prerequisites for classes out of the way, which allowed me to get started with my major earlier than others. By receiving college credit for some of these classes I also saved tons of money!

Finally, since IB is a higher work load, it made freshman year of college seem very easy as far as time management and work load went. Just be warned, it gets much more difficult every year following that.

Kayla Rojas

IB has helped me with my time management. I am always on top of my homework now, but I am also involved with so much more than just school. I play sports in school, I am in multiple clubs and organizations, I help with many different community service opportunities, and I also have a job. I manage to participate in all of these activities and keep A's in my classes.

Vance Scavone

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program is one of the most beneficial programs that is offered at John F. Kennedy High School. The IB program has helped me understand the importance of a diligent work ethic and be able to have an organized work schedule. Although having a lot of homework in my classes might sound like a negative thing, it has actually shown me how to persevere towards achieving my goals and aspirations.

Emily Shukert

Throughout my freshman and sophomore years, I went to school for a few reasons: to get good grades, please my parents, and eventually get into a good college. My attitude has flipped completely from what it was at the time. Now, I indulge myself with the material we are taught and I really enjoy my school experience. I am less concerned with meeting others expectations, because I know I will be much more successful and happier if I focus on what is important to me. Instead of doing homework so that colleges will look at my application and think of me as a good student, I am doing my assignments because i know that knowledge is power anf that by learning about the opposing viewpoints about which we learn in IB, I will be able to understand and work with people in the future on a different level.


Pamela Tran

I came in to UCD with 31 credits covered just from IB - that immediately put me at a second year standing. I am so used to this kind of fast paced educational learning route that I've decided to enroll myself into summer school just because I KNOW that I am prepared to take on 2.5 hour long courses 4 days a week. IB has allowed me to test out various ways in which I learn best. This may seem like a minor impact but it has helped me immensely! I am able to walk in AND sit through the class and actually learn something. Something as simple as note-taking in Sandstedt's class may seem painful at first, but it is incredibly beneficial for me now. PREPARE FOR A LOT OF NOTE TAKING!!!!

I am currently a 3rd year standing (Junior) and this is only my first year!! In all honesty, my first semester at UCD was so easy. I was able to get straight A's for all 15 credits (5 classes) AND have enough time for my job. On top of that, I was so prepared with my time management that I was able to go out almost every weekend and just enjoy myself. People believe that IB sucks the life out of you. Sure, there were times when I believed I was wasting my high school years on chemistry, history, math, etc., but now that I look back, I wish I focused more on those subjects instead of wishing to have a life (as in study my chemistry more). Trust me, whatever social events you may miss in high school because of prioritizing your education first, is not even comparable to what the college life is like. IB is an opportunity that should be taken if offered - no question about it.

I may be one the youngest in my courses, but IB allows students to have that maturity level to be able to have an intellectual conversation with professors, students, TAs, etc. Communication is highly important in college. You would want to be able to say more than just, "yeah" "okay" "i see". You need to be able to respond back, give your feedback, let your voice be heard. IB has given me the ability to put in my pre-existing knowledge in topics such as Cuban Missile Crisis (for my ethnic class), or be able to show how to do the derivative of a function (in my calculus course) with confidence. I admit, I would sit in some of the IB classes and think to myself, "I don't need to know this stuff." Newsflash! Most of the topics covered in class will be used in some of your college courses. Do yourself a favor now by studying and take classes seriously. It'll give you a headstart in some of the topics you will have to eventually revisit.

To sum up, I did not realize how big of an impact IB made on me until I stepped foot on the university campus. The environment is so fast paced and liberating compared to Kennedy's confinement -- which requires students to be able to adapt quickly in order to not fall behind. Entry level classes may differ from the courses I immediately took, but the expectations are the same. Professors expect students to complete their work without having to "baby" them. Assignments have two options - to be turned in or not. Excuses are rarely allowed, professors could care less if you were sick; if you miss the work you miss the grade. Period. IB prepares students to be able to complete large papers, assignments, readings, and be able to analyze the work to share with the class. If students are able to annotate Mrs. Virnich's novels and have input in Socratic circles, they will be able to communicate with confidence as to the content of the college text material. If students can write a historical piece using legitimate research and sources, they will be able to write 5-10 page papers using editorials and academic journals within a day.

Take it from me, I am now a Junior at UCD and this is only my first year. I am able to complete all my work on time with ease because of the preparation IB has given me. Completing work and turning it in is one thing, but actually applying the material to everyday life and at the same time being able to send a message is another. With the IB preparation I am able to fully speak my mind using sufficient support and confidence.

Jose Saenz

Prior to joining the IB program, I would have been considered to be a simple student in normal classes. I was simply trying to make it through the four years required of me and get on with my life. High school seemed like another middle school or elementary, and was just the last obstacle standing between me and the rest of my life. I had good grades, but not great grades. However, my whole world changed when I joined the IB program. My only interest in joining the program was the college credit that I could receive upon passing the exams, but what I got was far more than I expected. Through the IB Program I have learned that in order to make it through life, you have to put your all into everything you do. I feel like in the past year I have matured to an extraordinary extent that would not have been possible without my teachers breathing down my neck helping me make it through. If it had not been for this program I would most likely still be the same individual who does only what is the minimal requirement to make it through.